Garden pots

Gardening in small spaces is a challenge only because the possibilities of container choice, plant selection, color combinations and theme gardens are endless! “A small garden should not lack impact. Provided it is well planted and has some strong focal points, it becomes easy to ignore the limitations of its size.” (Small and Container Gardening, by McHoy and Donaldson). In the Southwest deserts, three challenges emerge when gardening in containers, and by solving those challenges, success with container gardens is almost assured. Increasing water retention, providing excellent drainage, and modifying the alkalinity of the water are those challenges that require our attention.

A Garden Pots is used gardening for a small, enclosed and usually portable object used for displaying live flowers or plants. It comes in terracotta brown color, blending seamlessly with surroundings.

Avilable Sizes in(Height & Inner diameter)inches :12,10,9,8,7,6,4