Orchid pots

Clay Orchid pots breathe and they are heavier so more stable in the wind.Clay Orchid pots may keep roots cooler in warm climates. Clay orchid pots used to have large slats on the side to improve drainage and allow more aeration around the roots. The pots you find today have three additional small holes for drainage but are these pseudo orchid pots worth twice the price of the non-orchid pots? The old fashioned deep slatted orchid pots are great for orchids if you can find them as are the shallow bulb pots with multiple large holes in the pot sidewalls. If you can’t find good orchid pots, you’ll find that you can simulate the conditions in non-orchid pots by using a porous inorganic potting medium like lava rock or by placing a net pot or adding Styrofoam peanuts at the bottom of your pot to increase aeration around the roots.

Avilable Sizes in(Height & Inner diameter)inches :8,7,6,4